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Luke & Lady's 2022 Filly

DOB: March 3, 2022


Lady Filly 2022 4.jpg
Lady Filly 2022 5.JPG
Lady Filly 2022 3.JPG
Lady Filly 2022 1.JPG
Lady Filly 2022 2.JPG
Lady Filly 2022 6_edited.jpg
4 Lady Filly May 2022.JPG
1 Lady Filly May 2022.JPG
3 Lady Filly May 2022.JPG
2 Lady Filly May 2022.JPG
2 Lady Filly June 2022.JPG
2022 Foals: Welcome

Luke & Cucklebur's 2022 Filly

DOB: June 1, 2022

She is a super sweet filly who should mature over 15 hands. She is available for purchase and will be ready to go in October. Sold

Cucklebur Filly 1_edited.jpg
Cucklebur Filly 4_edited.jpg
Cucklebur Filly 2_edited.jpg
Cucklebur Filly 3_edited.jpg
CB & Sadie foals.JPG
Cucklebur Filly 7.JPG
2022 foals.JPG
2022 Foals: Welcome

Luke & Sadie

DOB: June 10, 2022

This palomino colt is already an "in your pocket" boy. He will be ready for his new home in October.  Sold

Sadie Colt 4.JPG
Sadie Colt 1.JPG
Sadie Colt 3.JPG
Sadie Colt 2.JPG
Sadie Colt 2.JPG
Sadie Colt 1.JPG
Sadie 4.JPG
Sadie Colt 3.JPG
Sadie Colt 5.JPG
CB & Sadie foals.JPG
2022 foals.JPG
2022 Foals: Welcome

Luke & Cream Puff

DOB: June 12, 2022

This sorrel filly is a baby doll. She loves attention and will be ready for her new home in October. Sold

CP Filly 1.JPG
CP Filly 2.JPG
CP Filly 3.JPG
CP Filly 2022 1.JPG
CP Filly 2022 3.JPG
CP Filly 2022 4.JPG
2022 foals.JPG
CP Filly 2022 7.JPG
CP Filly 2022 6.JPG
2022 Foals: Welcome

Luke & Aponi

DOB: December 11, 2022

Aponi blessed our Sunday morning with an adorable bay colt.

Festus 2.JPG
Festus 3.JPG
Festus 1.JPG
2022 Foals: Welcome
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